Why You Should Pick FTP


We understand that selecting a triathlon coach can be a confusing process. 

Here is the FTP process:

1.  Click 'Apply Today' down below for the package that interests you.
2.  Fill out the paperwork so that the coach can learn more about you.
3.  Within 24-72 hours, a coach will follow up and schedule a time to talk or meet. 
4.  Talk or meet with you coach to determine if the two of you are a good fit.
5.  Join the most awesome triathlon team in the world.
6.  Go on to great things like setting personal bests and impressing your friends.

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    Personalized Training Plans

    Your journey to the finish line is unique to you and you alone.  Your training plan will revolve around your schedule, lifestyle and goals, not a one size fits all approach.

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    Team Camaraderie

    Join dozens of like minded individuals for weekend workouts and clinics to enhance your training experience.

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    Low Coach-Athlete Ratio

    Your coach is capped at a certain number of athletes each year.  This ensures quality instruction, careful detail and plenty of time to work for YOU.

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    Unlimited Coach Access

    At FTP we don't restrict access to your coach through additional hidden fees.  You coach is there to work for YOU.  

FTP by the Numbers

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Single Sport Athletes


We understand that not everyone wants to train for three sports at the same time, so we developed a coaching option for the single sport athlete.  If you want to focus on an upcoming half marathon, marathon, time trial or even one of those crazy long swims, a coach is ready to work with you. 

Dynamic Tri Plan

Our most popular plan, the Dynamic Plan is for the athlete who seeks a personalized plan for an event or season and wants frequent coach interaction and feedback in the form of file analysis.  Training blocks are delivered in 1-2 week segments and are tailored to your previous training performances, coaching benchmarks and current life limitations.  With a dynamic plan, training can and will be adjusted as situations arise (illness, vacation, work).  The dynamic plan allows unlimited communication with the coach.  Plans range from $150-225 a month depending on the coach.

Podium Plan

The Podium Plan is for the athlete that seeks all the inclusions of the dynamic plan but also wants to work in-person with the coach twice a month.  Prices for the Podium plan with twice monthly sessions start at $350 a monthThis plan is only available with Coach Andrew.

Single Sport Athlete


  • Personalized Training Plan

  • Training Peaks Basic Account

  • Plan delivered every 2 weeks

  • Customized Race Plans

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Dynamic Triathlete


  • Personalized Training Plan

  • Training Peaks Basic Account

  • Plan Delivered every 1-2 weeks

  • Customized Race Plans

  • Discounts on Camp

  • Team Workouts

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Podium Triathlete


  • Personalized Training Plan

  • Training Peaks Premium Account

  • Plan Delivered Weekly

  • Customized Race Plans

  • Discounts on Camp

  • Team Workouts

  • Twice Monthly Coached Sessions

  • WKO4 Modeling & Analytics

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