Holiday Gift Guide 2016

This post contains affiliate links.   Welcome to our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Triathletes! We have found some fun and useful gifts that your favorite athlete will love no matter their experience level. Best of all, these are the type of gifts that athletes will appreciate but often don’t get around to buying for themselves. We hope you find inspiration here and enjoy the spirit of giving this holiday season! Race Dots. Say goodbye to pins and race belts and say hello to these fun magnets! They keep your race number securely in place without damaging your clothes and come in lots of fun designs. Hair Tie Bracelet. If you are like me, you constantly have a hair tie around your wrist. It digs into my skin until it stretches out, and then it doesn’t work as well in my hair. This ...


Swim-Run Gear Selection


Much like triathlon, gear selection matters.  But it matters in a different way.  All your gear must stay with you for the entire duration of the race.  This doesn’t seem to matter in the first hour but in a 4-8 hour event, if it bounces or jiggles, it becomes very annoying.  All athletes wore wetsuits as required by the event.  In general, most athlete wore some type of belt to attach the tether.  And most tethers were constructed from a para-cord material.  All of the smaller equipment can be purchased at your local hardware store.  The majority of teams went with a pull bouy.  We did see a few teams use fins and store them in a mesh bag during the run.  Most teams used paddles. The Gear:  Wetsut–Orca SwimRun Core. This was an extravagant purchase but we valued comfort. I did ...


ÖTILLÖ Swim-Run Race in Casco Bay


Last weekend, Derrick Rice and I took part in the inaugural ÖTILLÖ Casco Bay Swim-Run event in Portland Maine. This was the first ÖTILLÖ race in the US, so given its infancy, I felt it appropriate to put together some information to help future athletes.   ÖTILLÖ specializes in swim-run events in Europe, particularly the Scandinavian countries. The swim-run sport, much like triathlon, has a world championship race that requires qualification and brings the best athletes to Sweden for a combined 10k swim and 65k run.   The event in Maine was thankfully shorter. It was billed as about 6,000 meters of swimming and 10.5 miles of running. Each leg is a different distance and we were completely unaware of the terrain. I should add that you don’t do the entire distances at a time. You d ...


Stop with the Excuses


Just stop.  Please, just stop.  Really stop.  Stop with all the excuses.  Stop with the whining.  Stop with the absurdity of why something happened or didn’t happen.  Just stop. Somewhere along the way people lost their sanity in this sport.  Athletes are so wrapped up in their results and how others perceive the results. They can’t simply ‘man-up’ in situations and quickly seek out a litany of excuses to cover whatever shortfall is testing their man or woman-hood.  To that I say get over yourself and move on. Bad workouts happen.  Bad races happen.  You didn’t miss your time goal because you got kicked in the face, then your goggles broke, you threw up twice on the swim, it was windy on the bike, you held back because of all the drafters, you got stuck behind ...


How I Setup My Garmin 910 for Training & Racing


Hi, I am a Garmin addict.  I have trained and raced with a Garmin product for over a decade.  I owned two of the original 305 forerunners (DON’T GET THEM WET), I lived through the 310 years (hey, it recorded power) and I am now on season four of the 910 model.  Along the way, I have also used a 510 cycling computer, I purchased Jessica a forerunner 15 and I used a couple different products from Saris.  Certainly, my product exposure isn’t as extensive as DC Rainmaker but after coaching 150+ different clients with different technology, I have a good feel for durability and utilization. Like most athletes, I don’t use more than maybe 25% of my watches ability.  Is all the other information irrelevant?  Not really but I prefer to just use the data that is most important to m ...