• Custom Coaching

    Work directly with a certified coach to develop your weekly training plan and meet your performance goals.

  • Training Camps

    Spend 3 days learning from the coaches at one of FTP's nationally recognized training camps.

  • FTP Store

    Currently Under Construction.  Check back in the future for previously written training plans, ebooks and more

  • Blog

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What We Provide for Athletes!

And some of the reasons athletes choose us over our competitors

  • Fit Triathlon into Your Lifestyle

    Does your training compliment your lifestyle?  It should.  The coaches work with YOU to make sure that this sport enhances your life instead of distracting you.  Your training plan will work within your limits and obligations to find the right level of commitment to meet your goals.

  • Custom Analytics & Modeling

    Don't leave your race day performance to chance.  Your coach reviews, analyzes and tracks your workouts to constantly monitor your overall training stress to ensure you peak for your primary race.

  • Personalized Race Plans

    Prior to your primary race, your coach will develop a personalized race plan with specific instructions of how to execute during the race.  The information is developed from months of analysis and will include pacing strategy, nutrition timing and mental strengthening exercises.

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